Heroes Never Die Overview

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Heroes Never Die(HND) is an MMO set in Veshnin, a world in which many warring people groups from history exist simultaneously in conflict, regardless of when they existed in our world. This allows players to form strong bonds to their chosen people group, and to experience many aspects of history in a new and interesting way. HND combines elements of sandbox and theme park MMOs in a massively engaging world, every inch of which can be conquered in the name of a player’s chosen “race.” As each player takes over a small portion of the world for their race, they are contributing to their race’s ultimate goal of worldwide control.

HND is a game for the PC exclusively, with AI that can fight side by side with players and occasionally even be confused for a player. It also contains a unique “no respawn” system.

The challenge and complexity of HND will most likely appeal to MMO fans who are tired of easy games and looking for something that will challenge them, and in that challenge be fun. It will also appeal to history fans, sandbox MMO fans, players who have tired of the grind and repeat of current themepark MMOs, and RTS fans looking for a little more persistence to their gameplay.

The world of Veshnin is a world of choices, freedom, and conquest. It is about changing the genre towards player freedom and realism, and about returning challenge to video games. Heroes Never Die is about giving the player a world where they can create stories that they will never forget. It is about forging alliances, and breaking them. It's also about racial loyalty, and about joining a team and working together to try and accomplish things unavailable in modern MMOs. Most of all, HND is about having fun in a world where players can do things that matter, things that change the game forever.

Author's Note: All the "races" listed throughout this document are referred to by their real-world race to help everyone understand. The real race names will be based on words in the language of each people group. The races are listed below.
Celts: Daoine
Greek: Laos
Persian: Keshvar
Chinese: Méng
Norse: Firar
Franks: Léode
Aztec: Tlacatl
Zulu: Watu
Indian: Avam
Muslim: Salaf

Table of Contents

The World of Veshnin


Items and Crafting

NPCs and AI

Game Mechanics

Skills and Stats

Technology and Starting Out

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