Ancient Word Inscription

Inscribe Ancient Words- These are race specific words, including scriptures, proverbs, and verses. There is one for each race, and no race can benefit from any other race's Word. Having a Word on a piece of armor causes it to lose condition 4x faster, because the Word is drawing much of its power from the armor itself.
(Words that are placed on helmets or weapons are more powerful because they are lost upon death. An item with a Word on it is marked, but has no effect for anyone not of the Word's race.)

Aztec- Cloak — Word of Brutality:

  • "Blood" opportunities appear randomly every 15 seconds for 1.25 seconds in combat
  • Activating a blood strike during a "Blood" opportunity causes a random effect (35% bleeding, 25% damaging, 25% demoralizing, 10% fear, 5% drastic bleeding)

Aztec warriors are ruthless, out for blood. These ancient words give them the ability to completely overcome any reluctance to destroy human flesh. This opens up special opportunities for them-a chop to the groin, a slash deep to the bone, or a throat slit. Special opportunities will very briefly appear on the balance meter, making a quick attack during one of these times will yield bloody results. Aztecs who make very quick strikes during special "Blood" opportunities will score special bleeding, damaging, demoralizing, and fear effects on their opponents. Occasionally, these wounds will even prove lethal all by themselves if left alone.

Greek- Helmet — Word of Knowledge:

  • 10% increased passive defense skills (can surpass skill caps)

Greeks pride themselves on their intellect, and their knowledge of their enemies. In combat, these words allow Greeks to fight as if their passive defense skills were 10% higher (even passing the cap of 500).

Norse- Helmet — Word of War:

  • "War" state activated when two or more enemies within 10 feet
  • In "War" state, damage taken reduced by 10%, and 25% of limb damage redirected to core.
  • "War" state ends when no enemies remain within 125 feet. Previously reduced damage is taken in full, and redirected damage is doubled. Can cause death.

The Norse are bred for battle. The ancient words of War dull the brain's response to pain, and even allow for unnoticed compensation to damaged limbs. When two or more enemies are within 10 feet, a Nordic warrior can ignore 10% of his damage received until no enemies remain (they can die from this if the battle ends with them under 10% health). Additionally, 25% of all limb damage is redirected to their core, but this amount is doubled at the end of the battle.

Chinese- Footpads — Word of Equilibrium:

  • 5% increased balance cost for attacks
  • -100% active block balance cost
  • 7% balance regenerated on successful active block

Meditation on the yin and yang of Tao has taught the Chinese warriors balance. These ancient words cost them +5% balance cost for all attacks. However, rather than costing balance, their active blocks (slowly) restore their balance meter.

Muslim- Robes — Word of the Desert:

  • 10% increased mounted combat damage
  • -100% stamina cost for active dodge

Muslims have lived long in the desert lands. Their robes allow them minimal encumbrance, whether mounted or battling on the treacherous and shifting sands of the desert. +10% mounted combat damage, and the ability to actively dodge for no stamina cost.

Frank- Breastplate — Word of Salvation:

  • Emanates strong light, 10 foot radius
  • Random Blind (screen whiteout for all opponents who see) once every 40 seconds.
  • Chest region damage reduced 20%
  • 300% increased balance cost to moving in combat

A Frank's mighty breastplate is a bulwark against evil and infidels. This breastplate provides light in a 10 foot radius, as well as blinding any who look upon it randomly every 30 seconds. All damage done to the Frank's chest region from the front is reduced by 20%. However, a Frank in his mighty breastplate is very slow. His balance empties three times as fast when he moves in combat.

Indian- Legs — Word of Transcendence:

  • Once randomly every 30 seconds, will transcend for 2 seconds, +100% avoidance, -75% damage, -100% stamina costs when transcended.

Through meditation on their gods and the use of the concentration word AUM, most Indians are on a path to escape the repetition of life. As an Indian warrior moves in combat, they often seem to fade from existence, transcending this world to another place. However, they have not yet mastered this discipline or they would no longer be stuck here. Bearers of these ancient words will occasionally fade from this world for a few brief seconds, causing all attacks in this time to miss against them. Attacks made in this time only cause 25% damage, but cost no stamina.

Zulu- Loin guard — Word of Hunting:

  • 15% increased unmounted movement speed
  • 50% decreased balance cost to moving in combat

Zulu armor is the essence of freedom. It is said that many Zulu can hunt down a gazelle, wearing only their traditional loin guard and carrying a handcrafted spear. A Zulu under the influence of this ancient word gains 15% enhanced movement speed, as well as 50% decreased balance meter drain from moving in combat.

Celtic- Kilt — Word of Berserking:

  • 25% reduction in attack stamina costs
  • 10% reduction in attack balance costs
  • 50% increase in block and dodge stamina and balance costs

To the Celts, the best defense is a good offense. From these ancient words, the Celts gain a -25% reduction to stamina costs and 10% reduction to balance meter costs when attacking, but their blocks and dodges cost 50% more stamina and balance.

Persian- Persian helmet — Word of Foretelling:

  • 30% chance of passive dodge for ranged attacks.
  • Takes 10% increased damage from ranged attacks.

Persian Magi can find much of the future in the stars and alignment of planets. This foresight is captured in these ancient words. This grants them a special kind of dodge that is not active, but will activate automatically on 30% of ranged attacks. However, the body comes to rely on this too much, and Persians take 10% added damage from missile attacks that hit them.

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