Spirits and Their Island

To the north of the mainland of Veshnin, there is an isle of angels and one of demons. The battles between the two are constant. Each one is divided up into 10 parts, one for each race. Players can come and make a great profit if they are careful. However, if they steal one of the legendary Heaven or Hellforged blades, they can expect to be hunted down by angels and demons without remorse (Only high ranked angels and demons carry the special "forged" blades). Some major world events will involve raids by the angels or demons. Angels and demons spawn at the same time as guards. The more land a race controls, the more angels and demons of that race exist. When good spirits "spawn" they come from high in the sky and float down. Evil spirits burst out of the earth. Sometimes, angels or demons will travel to human lands and blend in. They will walk among humans and not be known. Each group of angels lives in a fortress, and occasionally declares war on the others (similar to feudal Britain). Demons fight amongst themselves, even within races. They just fight a lot. Each group is led by an avatar or Great Spirit. These epic raid targets destroy all unblessed weapons and armor within 400 feet of them. They have amazing loot.

Angels and demons are primary raid targets. If the player eliminates the angels of enemy races, those angels can no longer assist those races. If the player eliminates the demons of their own race, they cannot harass the player anymore. Also, killing off your race’s demons means that your race’s angels will be winning their little war and will be more plentiful (and vice versa).

Occasionally, demons will take over mostly abandoned cities and use them as a hideout. The more land a race controls, the more that race will have to fight to keep the demons down. However, more land also means more angels, who will occasionally join with their race when they are marching to war. Every angel and demon kill is recorded. If a player kills too many angels or demons, they may start hunting the player, seeking him out in wars, and making his life miserable. Killing the highest of angels and demons gives Hell and Heavenforged armor. This armor contributes a lot to angel and demon wrath toward the player, even though they can't take it back.
Angels and demons are weaker outside of their islands. When they are killed away from their homes, their souls flee from their bodies and return to the island to be clothed in a new body. People with 500 skill in angel hunting or demon hunting can destroy the souls angels and demons, respectively. Killing angels and demons affects a player’s appearance. Killing demons gives one a slight glow, which increases with more kills. Killing angels taints one’s soul, causing the player to become more and more dark looking, until eventually they seem to blot out light. Many people will like the player more or less based on their glow/taint. Measured on a point system that is not shown in game.

Start at 0, total brilliance is 10,000 and total darkness is -10,000.
Killing an angel (no soul destroyed) -1, -.75 if the player’s number is above 0.
Killing a demon (no soul destroyed) +1, +.75 if the player’s number is below 0.
Destroying an angel's soul (kill implied) -3, -2 if the player’s number is above 0.
Destroying a demon's soul (kill implied) +3, +2 if the player’s number is above 0.
Each skill point in demon hunting +.5.
Each skill point in angel hunting -.5.
If the being is a lieutenant (wields a forged weapon) multiply these numbers by 2.
If the being is a general (wears forged armor) multiply these numbers by 5.
If the being is the avatar/Great Spirit of a race, multiply these numbers by 25.

When angels and demons spawn with each new day, 10 of each for each race come for every 1% of the landmass that race has conquered since the previous day. Additionally, a lieutenant will spawn for each 10. A general will spawn for each 50. Every day, if angels and demons have died, then the number will increase by 5% to attempt to restore each race to their proper number. For example, if a race controls 10% of the map, and should therefor have 100 angels, but 80 have died, each day they will spawn 5 new angels until the proper number is reached. Lieutenants and generals will not respawn until the proper number is reached (equilibrium).

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