Player-designed Architecture and the Aristocracy

Players will have a say in what gets built where, in reference to cities and small towns. They will not be doing the building, but rather the design and planning. Structures can be “zoned” similar to nearly every RTS in existence. NPC builders from the city will then come and begin work with the city’s resources. Buildings can also be demolished to regain a fraction of the resources that they took to build. Demolition allows for correction and adjustment if mistakes were made, or if players change their minds for other reasons. For example, players might blow out a wall to add a new section to their city. Demolition will also allow conquerors to recreate parts of cities that they have taken over.

Building may be limited by certain terrain, but for the most part it will be unlimited. It is more realistic for a very wealthy nation or city to continue expanding instead of stagnating. The system requires a bit of time and resources to build structures to keep things from getting out of control. The goal is to give players more control over the game, while still keeping things regulated so that cities don’t sprawl for 30 miles in every direction. This will also make sure that each server is vastly different from the others.

Only the players designated by the owner of the city can zone new buildings in the city. For player owned cities, this will be whoever the ruling player has designated. For NPC owned cities, the players who have contributed the most to the city will be made the aristocracy by the NPCs. These players can choose building designs.

For this reason, it is usually a good idea for each player to choose a city that they call their own and work with it as much as they can. Inventing things in the city, conducting trade, donating resources, defending the city, all of these things are ways to build up reputation and further the player’s goal of joining the aristocracy. This system allows for players who are not part of big guilds, and may never have the opportunity to rule a city themselves to still be a part of the building process, and still feel like they have a city that they are a part of.


A separate "building creator" is packaged with the game. Players can design buildings within any race's tileset. Buildings will always keep many racial restrictions and guidelines. As the building is being designed, players can also assign it various attributes, such as it being a blacksmith's shop. Players can rotate around the building in 360 degrees and all dimensions. All the stats on the building can be seen and edited (though they will affect resource costs, etc). Each creation will have a resource and space requirement that will change as the building changes. These can be seen at all times.

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