"Not even worthy of being sacrificed…"

Descending upon the mainland like a bloodthirsty plague, the Aztecs are the killers, the destroyers, the gankers. To them, honor is victory-it doesn't matter how the victory was achieved. The end justified the means, because their opponent lies dead or captured, soon to be taken to sacrifice and a fate worse than death. The Aztecs are initially at war with every other nation, seeking only to conquer the world in blood and fire. They are the only race to be on their own separate island, not a part of the mainland.


  • Blood Frenzy: +1 Morale whenever someone dies, whether friend or foe. Normal morale penalty or bonus for seeing friends or enemies die does not apply to Aztecs.
  • Blood Begets Blood: Manually mark nearby allies with blood, giving them (.1*Prayer skill)% increased movement speed and balance meter regeneration. Does not stack.

An Aztec douses hands in the blood of a fallen warrior on the battlefield, and smears it on Aztec warriors, who gain increased movement speed and balance meter regeneration. The increase is based on the person using the ability’s Prayer skill. An Aztec can only be affected by a blood smear every 10 minutes.

Other Information

Capital City: Tenochtitlan
Racial Miracle: "There Will Be Blood":

  • Health Regeneration and Damage +50%*(x+1) where x is the number killing blows landed during the miracle's effect.

Blood rains from the sky and soaks into the skin of every Aztec. Their damage and regeneration rate are increased by 50%, +50% for each killing blow they land.

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