"Death or Freedom."

A fearsome sight in battle, the Celts wear full body paint and often not much else. Controlling the smallest starting landmass far on the west coast, the Celts make up for any lack of land in fierceness and combat wrath. Few can stand against a screaming charge of Celts wielding their two-handed swords.


  • Unbreakable Will: Permanent +10 Willpower. Additional +10% chance to hold on to items.
  • Epic Throw: Throw weapon at an enemy with their back turned. Low chance to hit. Deals double damage.

A Celt can heave their weapon after a fleeing foe. The weapon is actually thrown and must be retrieved, or others can pick it up. The weapon is thrown using the physics engine, which means that normal weapons like swords have a very low chance of hitting. If the attack hits a fleeing enemy in the back, they take double damage.

Other Information

Capital City: None (whichever city is last standing cannot be captured)
Racial Miracle: "The Morrigan Walks the Earth":

  • Spawn spirit Avatar of The Morrigan, no faction and no loot. Boss Level encounter.

The avatar of the Morrigan, tri-part battle goddess, goes forth from the altar and leads the Celts into battle.

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