It is difficult to identify what characters there will be in HND. Characters will be constantly shifting, as heroes and kings rise and fall. Because there are no respawns in the game, any character that might be listed her is only temporary. The races of the game will have their own rulers and great men, and there will also be three other factions within the game: the Justicars, the Good Spirits, and the Evil Spirits. Over time, different entities will lead all these factions and races, and some may even be led by players at times. The characters of the game world are, in many ways, the players who play it.

It is also important to note that every human NPC in the world will be named; there will be no “an old man.” All NPCs will have names, and when their names are used they will be stricken from a global list. For common NPCs, these names may come up again in the future, but for special ones, like kings and princes, once a name is used it will never be used again on that server. When the server begins to run out of famous and people of history, new ones will be created that fit in well with the game world. Each of these will be an epic person, with a history nearly as rich as the true heroes from our world’s past and mythology. They will also fit in, for example there was never a Saladin II, but in the game world, Saladin II might be born and carry with him a rich legacy.

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