"I will show this one the way of the warrior"

The Chinese are a people seeking peace through meditation and domination. That which has been subjugated cannot cause strife. They value honor, and it is worse to fight without honor than to lose in honorable combat. Hailing from the far east, they control the largest starting landmass, and are therefore well on their way to ruling the world.


  • Spiritual Peace: No morale penalty from angels and demons.

The Chinese feel no fear from otherworldly beings. They never receive a morale penalty from angels or demons.

  • Body Harmony: 25% chance to neutralize any poison.
  • As the Leaf: Permanent +20 Slow/Safe Fall skill (does not contribute to any skill caps).

Other Information

Capital City: Shanghai
Racial Miracle: "Teachings of Tranquility":

  • Attacks with any weapon equipped are disabled.

The Chinese seek a simpler way of life. Weapons may not be used in the radius of the shrine (only unarmed attacks).

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