Combat System

The combat system is far more interactive and skill-based than any MMORPG on the market or in development. It is based on stamina usage combined with a balance meter. Regeneration and healing are limited. There is no targeting, and movement in combat is limited because it drains the balance meter. An example:

Low-skilled, unarmed Chinese fighter has three basic attacks (jab, cross, right body kick) He also begins with basic defenses, both passive and active. His passive defenses are Chinese and Martial, Basic. His active defenses are: Dodge, Block, and Counter.

If two of these fighters were to battle: Fighter1 jabs, and as his fist starts to return from the jab he begins another jab, followed by a cross and then a right body kick. Fighter2 decides to begin the fight actively blocking. His block is successful, he taps Fighter1’s jab out of the way and immediately starts a cross of his own. As Fighter2 launches his cross, Fighter1’s second jab deals very low damage as it bounces off Fighter2’s raised left hand (passive blocking). Fighter2’s cross is only slightly blocked by Fighter1, who is in the middle of his jab. Fighter2 actively moves his character to the right (draining some balance) and immediately throws a right body kick, which hits Fighter1 in the middle of his cross attack.

Fighter2 is so far winning this battle, and both player’s passive defense skills in Chinese and Martial, Basic have improved. As the fighters travel the land they will encounter fighters of other races and learn new ways to defend against their new forms of attack.

This example illustrates how complex combat is. Fighter1 tries to set up combat like a typical MMO, setting up his queue of abilities and letting them fire regardless of what happens in combat. Fighter2 is able to dominate the battle because he moves and changes with the battle, looking for openings and reacting to his opponent. This combat system is the same with other weapons, though it clearly varies with different attacks for each type of weapon. Damage is dealt to specific parts on the body, (Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg, Head, and Chest) and players weaken in combat as their body parts take damage.

The thing that keeps this system from being too complex or confusing is that essentially each move is just a balance of speed and power. A jab is high speed, low power, while a right body kick is low speed and very high power. Add to this that martial attacks are naturally “faster” but less powerful. Another example might be an overhand chop with a two-handed claymore. This sort of attack is high power, low speed. This makes for a fighting system which is much more similar to typical “fighting” games such as Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. As players execute attacks, they have a balance meter on their screen. The balance meter refills with a speed based on their fighting skills and which sort of attack they used (fast or slow). A player can start a new attack any time, but if the balance meter hasn't filled at least 25% they will simply lop out. Any time after 25% is a viable time to attack, just with varying power and effectiveness depending partly on how full the balance meter is. Movement in combat will empty the balance meter to prevent "circle strafing." The player also cannot sprint with their weapon drawn. However, players can raise a "mobility" skill that will allow them to move more in combat, at the cost of damage.

The system is still that of an RPG, however. Damage is not based solely on the weapon used. The formula for damage done is: (weapon damage) + (ability damage) – (enemy armor) + (weapon skill) + (random #) +/- (enemy’s active defense).

Other combat forms include mounted and naval.

Friendly fire is on but all attacks can be forgiven. Damage from the back is increased by 50% unless a shield is equipped on the back. Ranged combat has hitboxes. Different missile types fly differently, a crossbow is a pretty straight and fast shot, a short bow has a big arc, and a longbow has a small arc. Initially, only weapons that a player’s race knows are available to the player.

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