The economy of the game is key. Players must carry all their money on their person, able to be looted by others on their death. Alternatively, players can deal with player and guild owned Banks. A major part of gameplay is acquiring wealth from other nations and using it to further one's own nation. Players simultaneously advance themselves and their race in the game world, giving the game a feel of anarcho-capitalism at it’s finest.

Additionally, all of the merchants in the world will be tracked. All their bought and sold items will be tracked and will affect their movements, as well as prices and the creation of new cities and settlements. For example, if a merchant standing at a crossroads gets lots of business, other merchants will start to migrate from nearby towns without so much business. In time, guards will also come to protect those merchants. If it continues to be a popular spot for buying and selling, the NPCs there will start building more complex shelters for themselves and a new city will have been created.

All cities can rise and fall in this manner. There will be a constant ebb and flow of NPCs and players from city to city, and the cities will reflect those changes.

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