Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you further understand the world of Veshnin.

"What happens if one race manages to take over the world?"

The race that has dominated the whole world will certainly earn titles and rewards, but there is no server reset or set "period of conquered time." The system itself balancing: if a race takes over the world, they no longer have anyone or anything to fight for skill ups and money. Conversely, the races they have subjugated are constantly surrounded by enemies to fight and money to make.

"If there are no respawns, how does the world not run out of NPCs?"

See new soldiers. Each day, each race receives a number of new units equal to the armor and unit points they have collected. These units are added to their total number of soldiers, and begin to disperse throughout that race's stronghold. So killing enemy NPCs still takes away from their total NPC count, and is therefore far more worthwhile than killing something that would "respawn."

What if one race gets dominated and only controls their starting city? Won't they be spawn camped?

As a player's race gets close to being dominated, the angels and demons for their race come to fight and break the siege. All of that races' forces of heaven and hell pour down upon the besiegers. While this gives the losing race a big advantage, it also allows the attackers to gain the prestige and loot of killing all those angels and demons. If the attackers still manage to break through, they "subjugate" the defending race.

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