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The race names have been changed to reduce the focus on real world races. My goal is not to create hostility between real world Franks and Muslims. Additionally, it gives a little more freedom to be historically incorrect or to include aspects of many parts of that race over history, because if I called the race the Muslims, I would definitely be held to account for everything they did that didn't fit in perfectly with Muslim history. Essentially the changed race names just give everyone in the project a little more breathing room and creative leeway, and make the game a little more politically correct.

Re: Race Names by bsbrittbsbritt, 14 Jan 2010 15:22

Welcome to the forums! The Aztecs are at war with everyone and the Indians are *trying* to be at peace with everyone. Unfortunately in these situations, the war tends to take precedence. For example, when Hitler tried to take over Europe, even countries that wished they could remain neutral were sucked in. So the Indians are initially at peace with everyone except the Aztecs, and the Aztecs are at war with all.
For the second question, other than the Indians, no race is trying to be neutral. The war here is supposed to mirror some of the wars of history, including the War of the Roses and WWII, where pretty much every country is pulled into the conflict.
Please keep in mind, however, that all these things are just starting points, because the races will shift and change. Races can become neutral, or warlike, or whatever their people wish.

Re: Alliances and Enemies by bsbrittbsbritt, 14 Jan 2010 15:20

I know you told me this in person, but please remind me why the names of the races have been changed.

Race Names by Snave333Snave333, 06 Jan 2010 22:29

Quick question, are the Aztecs and Indians allied or at war with each other?

And another question not completely unrelated, is there a particular reason you have chosen not to include "Neutral" as a status of two countries' interactions?

Alliances and Enemies by Snave333Snave333, 06 Jan 2010 22:23

They are strong in unarmed combat. This miracle may need some things added to it, I see your point. Basically the goal with it was to allow the Chinese to mostly bypass city defenses because the enemies can't fight them. As soon as you break the gates, set off the miracle and then infiltrate the city, get to the king, etc all while being free from attack. Then the miracle ends, and you're all in position. This may need a boost though, such as enemies can't fight at all, but the Chinese can only use unarmed.

Re: Miracle discrepancy by bsbrittbsbritt, 07 Dec 2009 17:35

One man's bane is another's Mecca. High school would not have sucked so much if I could have been texting NPCs telling them to build for me. The player's level of involvement is their own choice, and the level of smart phone usage will be based off that. To be the ruler of a city, a player has to be pretty hardcore and involved. That's the kind of person who would be fine with lots of HND related phonework, and that's the person who would need it to coordinate the running of their city. Someone medium-level involved with the game…say 15-20 hours a week, might be a well-off merchant that needs to make occasional texts throughout the day to coordinate his goods. Someone who is a casual gamer, 5-10 hours a week, would have no need of the smart phone feature. He could check on local prices I suppose, or look at his character's stats, but in terms of coordinating with the game, he might need one or two communications throughout the day to set up a sale, and that's about it.
If people are enjoying the world, I want to give them as many possibilities for involvement as I can. The level of involvement is all the player's choice, and should scale with their level of phone usage.

Re: Smart phone support by bsbrittbsbritt, 07 Dec 2009 17:33

Explosions are definitely out. No gunpowder has been discovered yet in the world, though there will be greek fire and similar things. Even prayer probably won't involve fire, because it's so overdone in most game's magic systems. You'll have to get fire the old fashioned way: with a torch. Setting things on fire by lighting them up with your torch. A Norseman favorite.

Item carrying is a pretty delicate balance, but I'm going for "realistic." Players will be able to carry a few hundred pounds unaided, though it will effect their encumbrance. If they brought horses, the horses can carry more but it will affect their encumbrance as well. I want it to be a viable profession to be a scavenger-someone who owns a cart, comes in after the battle, and gathers up all the goodies. Similarly with harvesting, players won't be able to carry a tree by themselves, or 400 pounds of bronze ore. They'll have to bring a cart, a sled, or several sturdy horses. It comes back to balance…I want players to be thinking about their weight in a tactical way, without feeling like they have to spend all their time making mini-trips to carry 3 items back to the city.

Let me address 2 first. People can choose where to resurrect as their home city any time they are at that city. It's essentially binding oneself to that city. Players can bind at any city their race controls, or at any allied race that accepts allied resurrection (as determined by the ruler of the city). When a city you are bound at fails to be a viable bindspot (it is taken over), you are given a choice to reset to one of your previously binded cities. This encourages exploration, because the more cities of your race and allied races you have visited, the more possibilities for respawn points.

1 is much more complicated. Clearly there will be tutorials and helps that pop up for new players, though it's still uncertain what exact form those will take. I expect new recruits to be uncoordinated-that's how green soldiers always are. Players need to feel a progression from being unskilled to being a grand champion. In terms of actual combat, once players reach the Citizen level and are no longer "newbies," they won't be getting anymore helps. I think players adapt to the game very quickly, mastering all available techniques. It will take longer for this game, but it will be done. If the system is intuitive enough, it should be similar to the racial system in that players will fall in with a fighting style that works for them and become skilled at it.
There will always be skilled players and button mashers, just as there are skilled fighters and fails in real life. Hopefully people who fail to master for a long period of time will try their skills elsewhere, such as in diplomacy or crafting. It wouldn't be the first time it had happened in history.
In terms of large scale battles, I plan to have some displays on screen showing the commander's orders. For example, arrows demonstrating which direction he wants your company to go. NPCs will almost always follow these (based on their morale), but the player can choose to or not. That should help with battle coordination, while not locking in the player.

Re: Realism vs. Incompetence by bsbrittbsbritt, 07 Dec 2009 17:21

Each race will reflect different values. Aztecs will be closer to blind slaughter, while Hindus will be on the side of diplomacy/skillbuilding, and all races will have their double dealers. Essentially, I am trying to not limit anyone from playing out how they want to play out. I give the players a world to be in, and if I've built the world right, many ways of playing and goals will be available. I encourage them to play in my world, where they have many options. I would say that in short, what is most encouraged is advancing your race.

Players will hopefully be drawn to races with values similar to theirs. Obviously this is a broad categorization and will only happen some of the time, but it's my goal. Races won't force the player to be a certain way, though it's difficult to work the diplomacy field when the rest of your race is into blind slaughter.

In terms of how I will accomplish this, I think the main thing is creating a system that rewards equally. Diplomacy should be as viable as killing, and crafting to build up the army should be as viable as being one more soldier on the front. If you balance (which is the key to this game) the system to reward all playstyles, people will fall into their own preferences and you won't get too many of one thing (like soldiers in WoW).

Re: Game Values by bsbrittbsbritt, 07 Dec 2009 17:12
Re: Weather
bsbrittbsbritt 07 Dec 2009 17:06
in discussion Questions / This idea isn't clear » Weather

Brought up some good points here. Yes, weather and time will be consistent across the world. That is pretty standard within MMOs, though weather previously hasn't had any real effects so that might be a little trickier. People of any race should be able to read the storm, I would put it under Spirituality skills or Survival skills. Zulus might have a bonus to it as one of their racials. It would probably be set up as simple as: the computer has what the weather will be for the next 4 days, and you can look again with x% certainty y number of days. Miracles (like the Greek one in particular) will only affect within it's radius of say 1 mile…part of the cool effect of it. Miracles would replace the current weather for their duration without effecting future weather.

It's tough to say about weather on farming and building. My first thought is no, it will not effect building since building is carried out by NPCs and thus doesn't really matter how it's slowed. It would be awesome if I could have it affect both farming and tree growth, so that things like famines, droughts, and lumber shortages could occur. I don't think that would be too difficult systematically, just have the weather affect a global variable "tree growth" and "crop growth" within its radius.

Re: Weather by bsbrittbsbritt, 07 Dec 2009 17:06

This is such a complicated game! I would never play it. But it sounds amazing. Especially the death sequences, the miracles, and the fighting. (Almost first-person. I'm confident you'll get past the RPG thing someday.) Basically, I'm amazed at the intricacy and skeptical about technology's ability to support it, but you know more about that than I do. I think the concept rocks — permanent characters (if malleable) and permanent legacies. People will love it if they can ever figure out all it has to offer. Gaming guidebooks will blacklist you. ;)

Wow by bballwillbballwill, 04 Dec 2009 23:10

I love the crafting and use of raw materials stuff, as well as the need for repair by an appropriately qualified person. Also the inventions sound fun, and the waiting period on other races' copying is really cool. I would only caution against allowing any inventions that involve explosions. Nothing explosive unless it also requires prayer. Otherwise, you're on the way to gunpowder, combustion engines, and ship-mounted cannons, and there's no realistic way not to have them. Mystical fire from Isengard might be okay, as long as a lot of prayer and a sage is required — just don't let it become everyday.

Also, how will you make item-carrying realistic? Pack-horses are no fun for heroes, but all the loot has to go somewhere — especially if you have to take your best friend's armor back to him when he dies.

Build your own lethal device by bballwillbballwill, 04 Dec 2009 23:02

You realize this means that not only will people be texting their friends in class, they'll be texting NPCs about where to build the next storehouse?! Now that's really disrespectful. Also, aren't people already hounded by pressure for constant availability to their friends, without adding a need to be constantly available for a game?

Smart phone support by bballwillbballwill, 04 Dec 2009 22:56

I don't entirely understand how the various battle abilities would play out against one another, but it seems like the Chinese kind of get screwed in their miracle when compared with other races. They'd better be godlike in unarmed fighting, otherwise their miracle doesn't help nearly as much as the others.

Miracle discrepancy by bballwillbballwill, 04 Dec 2009 22:53
bballwillbballwill 04 Dec 2009 22:49
in discussion Questions / This idea isn't clear » Weather

Is there going to be consistency in weather and the change of night to day across multiple areas/battles? If so, will this include consistency of effects produced by miracles? The server-capacity required for this would be huge. But if not, planning night-raids or taking advantage of storms will always be a bit haphazard. Will the Zulus be able to read weather-patterns, or will there even be consistent weather-patterns to read?

Also, will weather affect either farming or building?

Weather by bballwillbballwill, 04 Dec 2009 22:49

1) Will the game suggest (maybe by highlighting something onscreen) movements for a player during battles/raids/etc.? At least for newbies? I'm thinking especially of the Persians, here — you say they make fighting beautiful, but aren't the majority of real life players going to be more or less uncoordinated and thus not necessarily very creative in fighting techniques? (Button-mashers don't become samurai without a little help.)

2) Can one's home city (i.e., where one is resurrected) really be chosen at any time, even right before death (this could be like warping, save somewhat on frustration of death)? Or are home cities only among one's own race?

Realism vs. Incompetence by bballwillbballwill, 04 Dec 2009 22:45

I don't understand what is most encouraged here. Diplomacy/skill-building? Double-dealing? Blind slaughter? Or does this differ between races? What are most people going to be most rewarded for doing?

Game Values by bballwillbballwill, 04 Dec 2009 22:38
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