"Forward! The day is ours!"

The crusading Franks seek to bring the light of their Lord to the whole earth, especially the races they have labeled the "savages." Bursting out from their small western territory, they seek to reclaim land they see as belonging to their God, specifically the Persian, Zulu, and Muslim "heathen lands." The Franks are slow and unyielding, using heavy armor and swords with shields, filling the air with their cries beseeching their Father.


  • Smite: Very slow, very high damage attack. Automatically triggers the targeted body region’s effect (stun for head, reduced movement for leg, etc).

//The Frank raises his weapon high in the air and calls for aid before attacking. Smite is an attack that is very slow, very high damage. //

Other Information

Capital City: Vatican
Racial Miracle: "The Day is the Lord's":

  • Time of day is set to noon. 'Torch Bearer' assigned. Torch must remain equipped on Torch Bearer, who must remain standing. Morale in 50 foot radius set to 500, -500 for enemies as long as conditions are met. Reversed if they are not.

It becomes day out, and the sun stands in the sky until the end of the miracle. A primary priest must hold a torch taken from the altar over his head. As long as he holds it over his head, the Franks within a small radius of him will have maximum morale and their opponents will have minimum morale. If he unequips the torch, dies, or is knocked down, they their morale drops the minimum and their enemy’s rises to the maximum until he holds it up again.

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