"You will die here. May you learn from this death and your time in the afterlife."

Aloof, distant, transcendent. The Indians seem to fight without passion or discipline, methodically seeking to defend themselves. The Indians are the only race to start at peace with all other races (except the warlike Aztecs). Located in the southeast corner of the world, the Indians seek peace, understanding, and advancement through technology and wealth.


  • Massive Mount: Indians are the only race that can initially ride elephant mounts. The only way for other races to learn this is to be taught by an Indian player. Only Indians can ever apply their Warhorse Training skill to an elephant.
  • Mind Over Body: 35% reduced hunger effects (same amount of food required, however).

Other Information

Capital City: Calcutta
Racial Miracle: "Karma":

  • 100% damage return.

The Indians strive for peace with themselves and the world around them. Every strike against an Indian returns equal damage to the attacker.

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