Players who are going to participate in epic battles need epic weapons. To ask for a miracle from their gods, players of each race will at times construct an altar/shrine on the site of a great battle or siege. These miracles are similar to a "super weapon" from many RTS games. Their construction can be interrupted, so they must be highly defended as they are built. They have a very high material cost, and once completed the miracle lasts for 5 minutes or until altar is destroyed. Each race has their own miracle.

Aztec- "There Will Be Blood":

  • Health Regeneration and Damage +50%*(x+1) where x is the number killing blows landed during the miracle's effect.

Blood rains from the sky and soaks into the skin of every Aztec. Their damage and regeneration rate are increased by 50%, +50% for each killing blow they land.

Persian- "The Persian Horde":

  • Spawns three temporary Persian Slave Warriors for each Persian Citizen in the effect radius.

For every Persian within the 'effect radius' of the shrine, three Persian slave warriors appear at the shrine, ready to join the combat. Effectively quadruples the forces.

Greek- "Wrath of Zeus":

  • Changes weather in large area to lightning storm. Lightning frequency *4000%. Greeks gain immunity to lightning.

Storm rolls over the sky, which can be used for sneak attacks or battlefield confusion. Lightning falls liberally among the enemy and their city (if applicable).

Celtic- "The Morrigan Walks the Earth":

  • Spawn spirit Avatar of The Morrigan, no faction and no loot. Boss Level encounter.

The avatar of the Morrigan, tri-part battle goddess, goes forth from the altar and leads the Celts into battle.

Frank- "The Day is the Lord's":

  • Time of day is set to noon. 'Torch Bearer' assigned. Torch must remain equipped on Torch Bearer, who must remain standing. Morale in 50 foot radius set to 500, -500 for enemies as long as conditions are met. Reversed if they are not.

It becomes day out, and the sun stands in the sky until the end of the miracle. A primary priest must hold a torch taken from the altar over his head. As long as he holds it over his head, the Franks within a small radius of him will have maximum morale and their opponents will have minimum morale. If he unequips the torch, dies, or is knocked down, they their morale drops the minimum and their enemy’s rises to the maximum until he holds it up again.

Muslim- "God Wills It":

  • 'God's Will' buff applied (health cannot fall below 10%). Healing removes 'God's Will'. Altar pulses every .1 second with 'God's Will' removal for anyone currently facing it.

Every Muslim cannot fall in battle; they are instead reduced to (at most) 10% life. They cannot be healed, and they cannot turn back and face the altar. Anyone who does immediately and permanently loses all benefits of the altar.

Chinese- "Teachings of Tranquility":

  • Attacks with any weapon equipped are disabled.

The Chinese seek a simpler way of life. Weapons may not be used in the radius of the shrine (only unarmed attacks).

Norse- "Glimpse of Valhalla":

  • Health cannot fall below 1. Any Norse with 1 health is summoned to the shrine and fully healed.

For the Norse, paradise is battle all day long, feasting all night, and resurrection in the morning so that all can fight again. Any Norse warrior that falls in combat appears at the shrine with full health.

Zulu- "The Glory of the Hunt":

  • Any non-farm animal within 2500 feet is summoned to the shrine and given 'The Hunt' buff, which temporarily allies them with the Zulu. All allied units are healed to full if they land a killing blow.

For the Zulu, the hunt is not about killing, it is about survival and testing oneself. Any beast not needed for food is welcome in the hunt. All nearby wildlife come and attack Zulu enemies. Any Zulu or animal that kills an enemy is healed to full.

Indian- "Karma":

  • 100% damage return.

The Indians strive for peace with themselves and the world around them. Every strike against an Indian returns equal damage to the attacker.

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