The player's morale is primarily influenced by their stoicism stat. Morale determines how effective the players are in everything they do. Morale is constantly changing based on things that occur in the battle. A comrade falling in battle, a leader being slain, seeing allies retreat from the battle, seeing an opponent's miracle take place-all of these things decrease morale. Increases are caused by things like reinforcements, seeing dead enemies, or hearing a battle cry. Morale affects balance regeneration, stamina regeneration, spirituality effectiveness, and even overall combat damage.

Base morale: 0
Stoicism x 10 added to morale
Racial bonuses add or subtract based on the situation

  • Player/NPC bonuses:
    • Angels and Demons reduce the morale of everyone around them by 100 on their home isles, 75 everywhere else.
    • Great NPC heroes and kings positively effect the morale of those around them, and negatively effect the morale of their opponents. This also depends on the race of the opponents. For example, Saladin gives Muslims +150 morale, gives Franks -125 morale, and gives most other races -50 morale.
    • Players can also gain the ability to give morale to those around them. A great player with an artifact sword and his ancient racial words prominent might give +25 morale, -15 to enemies.
    • Whenever a player or NPC who gave morale bonuses falls in battle, those around lose the morale bonus and also additional morale equal to the bonus (Muslims lose net 300 morale if Saladin falls in battle).
  • Player's combat specialization will often affect their morale, for example a duelist in a battle against one opponent will have +75 morale.
  • A racial player falling in combat near the player is worth -10 morale, -15 if they are on the player’s friends list.
  • Falling below 30% health reduces morale by 50.
  • Racial units within a 1 mile radius who are engaged in combat give .5 morale. If the units leave the radius, this bonus is lost, along with an additional .5 (net of 1 per unit).
  • When a miracle takes effect, those within its radius gain 175 morale. Enemies lose 100 morale. If the miracle ends naturally, the bonus remains and the penalty does not. If the altar/shrine is destroyed, it is an additional -175 for allies and +100 for enemies (net loss of 350 and net gain of 200, respectively).
  • A rallying cry gives +10 morale for every ally who joins in within 5 seconds. This fades after 2 minutes.
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