"Surely, it was the will of God that you should die this day."

Masters of the two-handed scimitar, Muslims have adept footing, smooth stances, and masterful parries with their faces veiled. Located far to the south, the Muslims believe that the world is filled with nonbelievers, and that war must be brought to these lands. Most of all, they seek to keep the Franks from their lands and bring the glory of God to all.


  • Jihad: +15% damage and passive defense against chosen Jihad race. -5% damage and passive defense against all non-Jihad races.

Every three days in a temple, a Muslim may declare a new Jihad against a new racial enemy. They gain+15% damage and passive defense against the chosen race, but they also receive -5% damage and passive defense against all others.

Other Information

Capital City: Jerusalem
Racial Miracle: "God Wills It":

  • 'God's Will' buff applied (health cannot fall below 10%). Healing removes 'God's Will'. Altar pulses every .1 second with 'God's Will' removal for anyone currently facing it.

Every Muslim cannot fall in battle; they are instead reduced to (at most) 10% life. They cannot be healed, and they cannot turn back and face the altar. Anyone who does immediately and permanently loses all benefits of the altar.

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