New NPC Soldiers and Their Equipment

When the player calls for reinforcements, they leave from a nearby city and ride to wherever the player summoned them. When new soldiers spawn within a garrison (out of sight), it subtracts from the race’s “point pool” for soldiers. This pool has two parts.

  • Unit Points
    • Use Diplomacy to convince an NPC to join the army. This is worth 1 unit point. Convincing friendly NPCs (such as smiths, merchants, and normal citizens) is known as Recruiting. Convincing other race's NPCs is known as Conversion, and is much more difficult.
    • Capturing enemy non-capital cities flags remaining NPCs flags remaining NPCs in those cities as prisoners. Prisoners must be escorted by players or NPCs to a main city for retraining, before they escape and lose their prisoner flag. Every successfully captured and retrained NPC is worth 2/3 of a unit point. Soldiers captured in armor contribute both unit points and armor points.

As cities grow in power, fame and commerce, NPCs will migrate to and from cities. Players and City Rulers want to do everything in their power to attract more NPCs to their cities.

  • Armor Points
    • Crafted Armor pieces turned in to the city's recruiting officer. These will sometimes be asked for on the Bulletin Board in the form of Requisition Orders. Each piece is 1/16th of an armor point.
    • Turning in other armor pieces from enemy soldiers. Any armor piece that has 50% or more Durability remaining. Each piece is 1/16th of an armor point.
    • Capturing soldiers wearing armor contribute armor points equal to 1/3 of the number of armor pieces the captured soldier was wearing.

The gear that the player gives to the city actually appears on the soldiers. If the player gives them a Shining Breastplate of Steely Fire Pain then one of the soldiers coming out the garrison door will be wearing that breastplate.

Each city can set who can contribute for armor points and for unit points. Some cities will have a specific list of people. Some will allow all people of the race. Some may even allow anyone of allied races. This allows for sabotage, through turning in crates of cursed weapons. It also allows for diplomacy games to recruit a spy or traitor into the army. Upon completion of successful diplomacy with some NPCs, they can be convinced to become spies or traitors, sometimes for an additional price. Depending on the price, enemy players who engage in diplomacy with them may be able to buy them off as a double agent.

At sunrise of each new day, at each race’s capital city, the game spawns as many soldiers as each race has unit/armor points (one new soldier for each unit point and armor point, with remainders carrying over to the next day). Then these units disperse (in real time) to outlying towns and controlled areas as replacements.

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