"Get 'em boys!"

Above all else, the Norse value a good battle (followed closely by a good drink and a good pillage). Filled with battlelust, they flood down from the northernmost tip of the world, eager to spread the glory of combat and fire to the world.


  • Last Stand: For 5 seconds, a Norse warrior ignores all wounds and negative effects and gains maximum morale. Then he takes 10x the damage that he ignored.
  • Raider from the North: 10% enhanced damage to structures, able to dual wield torches.

Norse deal enhanced damage to structures, and are the only race that can dual wield torches for more burning power.

  • Nordic Wrath: Normal morale penalty for seeing friends die does not apply. Instead, +2% damage for 10 seconds for each instance.
  • Extra Hardy: Cold weather effects reduced by 40%.

Other Information

Capital City: Asgard
Racial Miracle: "Glimpse of Valhalla":

  • Health cannot fall below 1. Any Norse with 1 health is summoned to the shrine and fully healed.

For the Norse, paradise is battle all day long, feasting all night, and resurrection in the morning so that all can fight again. Any Norse warrior that falls in combat appears at the shrine with full health.

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