Other Forms of Combat

Mounted Combat

Players can use their mounts in combat. They can ride by and swing their sword at a standing opponent. They can set their pike and ride down another opponent in a joust. They can train their horse to fight with them in combat, rearing back and kicking their enemies. And they can experience the shame of being cut from their mount, of seeing their mount succumb to its wounds under them. Players can fight and die on their mounts, which will be heavily influenced by their race. Franks will mostly use heavy armor and lances when mounted, while Muslims will favor light armor and scimitars. The Indians can even use elephant mounts.


Players can raise their own mounts on farms. Wild horses and other animals will also be creatures in some areas. Taming is used to first tame the mount and then increase it's abilities and value as a mount. Taming can also be used to train non-mount companions, such as wolves or wild dogs. Taming is a balance of food given, exercise, training, praise, and cursing. Two meters, hidden but influencing each other. One is between love and hate for the owner, and the other is between cruel and good-natured. Different animal types and personalities affect the starting position of the 2nd, mostly.

Mounts can have abilities that they use in combat, that players can also activate. If the player is dismounted, the mount keeps on fighting after the player's death. Only a player with 500 taming can take a loose mount in combat.

Naval Combat

Naval combat is a strong part of the game, taking place on ships before the age of cannons. Naval combat is mostly about trying to burn down the enemy's ship or board them, whichever seems appropriate at the time. Fire arrows, burning-rag-wrapped-rocks, and anything else is viable. Players will use actual mechanics for swinging on a rope to leap onto their opponent’s ships. Ships are controlled from the wheel by a steersman. Sails play a part, but only in terms of lower/raise sails, there are no complex sail mechanics. If sails are burned, they become useless. To take over a ship, players must kill the steersman and begin steering the ship themselves.

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