Outlaws and Citizens


There is a group that is allied with no one, that occasionally (but not often) works together. This is the Bandit faction. Players who rebel against all races and commit crimes against humanity are eventually relegated to this faction. Additionally, NPCs will often be on this faction, or eventually degrade to it. This “alignment” is beyond bounds of good and evil, and a negative alignment signifies a player who has done things that every race would detest.

  • All players start out with 20 alignment. Alignment is capped at 100 and -100.
  • Positive kills negative: +.01*|negative player’s alignment| (Lawfuls killing outlaws gives the lawfuls more alignment, based on how negative the outlaws alignment was).
  • Negative kills negative: +.005*|dead negative player’s alignment| (Outlaws killing outlaws gives the killer a slight alignment bonus, based on how negative the killed outlaw's alignment was)
  • Some NPCs with negative alignment will seek to increase their alignment. Some will stay bandits and form bandit groups or even cities.
  • Players who are not yet citizens can never become bandits, because they cannot lose alignment.
  • If a player ever manages to have a horn of every race broken, they instantly get -100 alignment and can never gain alignment again.
  • A player with -10 or less alignment will be temporarily outcast by their own race, with 10% chance that any guards who see them will attack them, and automatically tripled prices from all NPC merchants of their race.
  • Any player who reaches -100 alignment will usually be disowned by their race and have their horn sundered.

Killing players who are not yet citizens (essentially newbies) is a penalty to alignment. Killing a peasant that has not attacked you first (similar to WAR chicken-turning) will lower your alignment, bringing you closer to being an outlaw.

Unprovoked killing of less than a Citizen:
Peasant -10
Grunt -5
Commoner -3
Subjugated Outcast -2 (This is a status that happens only when you are a member of a race that has lost all it's cities. See Subjugation)

This system is different than the faction system used for race to race killings. Killing non-citizens is a crime against all races, while killing one's own race can be seen as a good thing by other races, and is often a tool used in a player's career.

The Path to Becoming a Citizen

Players start the game as a “peasant” until they have a certain number of skillpoints (500).


Once a player becomes a citizen, skill loss in any form (including through player-set decay) can never take away their citizenship status.

The goal of this system is to provide players a chance to learn, especially once the game has been going for awhile and there are many powerful players. It also gives the player some feeling of progression, similar to levels. When they finally reach citizen status, they will hopefully feel like a full-fledged player of the game. Lastly, it allows for a built in limit for trial accounts, once implemented. Trial accounts can never become a citizen.

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