"Gotta keep, one hop, ahead of the headsman…"

Located squarely in the middle of the world, the Persians know they are constantly going to be at war. Luckily, they control a huge portion of the landmass to help them in their struggle. However, that consequently means more to defend. The Persians understand that the only way to victory is in numbers, and they therefore seek to enfold all other armies into their own. Lithe and agile, the Persians are always twisting, dodging, leaping up walls and generally making combat something splendid to behold.


  • Strength in Numbers: Nearby allied unit morale bonus tripled. Additional .25% bonus damage for every Persian within 2000 feet.
  • Unrestrained: Permanent +20 Climbing skill (does not contribute to any skill caps).

Walls cannot hold back a Persian. All Persians are adept at climbing. Their +20 skill bonus does not affect any skill caps, essentially "free skill points."

Other Information

Capital City: Jerusalem
Racial Miracle: "The Persian Horde"**:

  • Spawns three temporary Persian Slave Warriors for each Persian Citizen in the effect radius.

For every Persian within the 'effect radius' of the shrine, three Persian slave warriors appear at the shrine, ready to join the combat. Effectively quadruples the forces.

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