Prayer for Healing: Random racial units nearby are refreshed and revitalized with healing

Prayer for Deliverance: Must sacrifice racial item worth 40 gold (a goat or a ration of myrrh, etc). Medium burst of temporary health to nearby racial units. Any blow that would fell a racial unit has a 50% chance to be divinely intervened against.

Prayer for Righteous Fury: Whenever a racial player falls in battle, all players within six feet who saw him fall gain Righteous Fury. Their abilities cost double stamina, but their balance meter only empties to 50% on each attack.

Purify: (requires a rite of purification, fairly costly process that must conclude with slitting a holy animal's neck and letting the blood run down) All cursed and evil inscribed items within 5 feet crumble to dust, and all poisoned food becomes pure.

Putrefy: (requires rite of putrefaction, fairly costly process that must conclude with stabbing a dove in the heart) All blessed and holy inscribed items in a 10 foot radius lose their inscriptions, and all foods are poisoned with a random poison (tending toward cheap ones). (Does not affect artifacts or items with Ancient Words)

Bless Weapon: Pray that a weapon will be imbued by the player’s gods. Blessed effects and duration are random, and when a blessing fades from an item it leaves it a fragile husk.

Beseech the gods: a last ditch combat effort. Cry out for some sort of aid. Random effect, may include weather change, day/night change, and other small effects.

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