The focus of the game is on PvPvE, in such a way that it is difficult to talk about PvE and PvP as separate things, since they will constantly be simultaneous and inexorably intertwined. The extremely advanced NPC members of various races defend cities, invade foreign lands, and can be negotiated with through the Diplomacy system (based on factions and reputation). Players and player guilds will attempt to control and rule various cities across the land. In fact, every inch of the world can be controlled. Players will feel the omnipresent interracial war as the backbone of the game (similar to the NPC warfare of Tabula Rasa (Tabula Rasa, 2007) with the player faction warfare of Warhammer Online (Warhammer Online, 2008)).


The PVP of the game is essentially free, more open than World of Warcraft (World of Warcraft, 2004) in that you can attack anyone anywhere, but less than Darkfall (Darkfall Online, 2009) or Ultima Online (Ultima Online, 1997) in that there are massive alignment/reputation penalties for killing players of certain races. Killing a player or NPC of your own race will result in a massive alignment penalty. Friendly fire will be on, but all attacks can be forgiven. When a player falls in combat, their weapon(s) fall from their hands and their helmet rolls from their head, able to be looted by other players. There is also a minor skill-loss penalty associated with dying (based on the Willpower stat).


The PVE of the game is very unique from existing MMOs, mainly because players can conquer every inch of the world for their race.. In addition to using the same exciting, skill based combat as the PVP but against highly advanced NPC AI, players are seeking land and power for their race over personal equipment. Frequently, instead of grinding mobs at camps, players will be participating in city sieges against a mix of players and NPCs. Even when not participating in raids and sieges, they are doing side missions and attempts to advance their race vs. the others. Instead of going out and killing some goblins at the goblin camp, players could venture to a camp controlled by a small group of an opposing race’s NPCs and kill them all, blowing a blast on their horn and claiming the small camp for their side. As each player takes over a small portion for their race, they are contributing to their race’s ultimate goal of worldwide control.

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