Racial Abilities

Each race has special abilities, some granted by their gods. These abilities help to differentiate them, and make each race a unique experience.


//The Frank raises his weapon high in the air and calls for aid before attacking. Smite is an attack that is very slow, very high damage. //


  • Blood Frenzy: +1 Morale whenever someone dies, whether friend or foe. Normal morale penalty or bonus for seeing friends or enemies die does not apply to Aztecs.
  • Blood Begets Blood: Manually mark nearby allies with blood, giving them (.1*Prayer skill)% increased movement speed and balance meter regeneration. Does not stack.

An Aztec douses their hands in the blood of a fallen warrior on the battlefield, and smears it on Aztec warriors, who gain increased movement speed and balance meter regeneration. The increase is based on the person using the ability’s Prayer skill. An Aztec can only be affected by a blood smear every 10 minutes.


  • Last Stand: For 5 seconds, a Norse warrior ignores all wounds and negative effects and gains maximum morale. Then he takes 10x the damage that he ignored.
  • Raider from the North: 10% enhanced damage to structures, able to dual wield torches.

Norse deal enhanced damage to structures, and are the only race that can dual wield torches for more burning power.

  • Nordic Wrath: Normal morale penalty for seeing friends die does not apply. Instead, +2% damage for 10 seconds for each instance.
  • Extra Hardy: Cold weather effects reduced by 40%.


  • Unbreakable Will: Permanent +10 Willpower. Additional +10% chance to hold on to artifacts.
  • Epic Throw: Throw weapon at an enemy with their back turned. Low chance to hit. Deals quadruple damage.

A Celt can heave their weapon after a fleeing foe. The weapon is actually thrown and must be retrieved, or others can pick it up. The weapon is thrown using the physics engine, which means that normal weapons like swords have a very low chance of hitting. If the attack hits a fleeing enemy in the back, they take quadruple damage.


  • Jihad: +15% damage and passive defense against chosen Jihad race. -5% damage and passive defense against all non-Jihad races.

Every three days in a temple, a Muslim may declare a new Jihad against a new racial enemy. They gain+15% damage and passive defense against the chosen race, but they also receive -5% damage and passive defense against all others.


  • Strength in Numbers: Nearby allied unit morale bonus tripled. Additional .25% bonus damage for every Persian within 2000 feet.
  • Unrestrained: Permanent +20 Climbing skill (does not contribute to any skill caps).

Walls cannot hold back a Persian. All Persians are adept at climbing. Their +20 skill bonus does not affect any skill caps, essentially "free skill points."


  • Spiritual Peace: No morale penalty from angels and demons.

The Chinese feel no fear from otherworldly beings. They never receive a morale penalty from angels or demons.

  • Body Harmony: 25% chance to neutralize any poison.
  • As the Leaf: Permanent +20 Slow/Safe Fall skill (does not contribute to any skill caps).


  • Spear and Shield bonuses: Zulus have bonus damage with a spear. They are the only race that can sprint with a weapon out, their spear. However, the spear must be readied for a throw in order for them to sprint.
  • Great Hunter: Zulu footfalls make 20% of the normal noise. Their footprints fade 60% faster. If they reduce their speed to walking, they make no noise and leave no footprints. The sound of other race's footfalls is 60% louder to Zulu. Footprints are 20% clearer to them.
  • Defense of the Wild: 50% increased Trapsetting speed. 10% increased Trapsetting effects.


  • Massive Mount: Indians are the only race that can initially ride elephant mounts. The only way for other races to learn this is to be taught by an Indian player. Only Indians can ever apply their Warhorse Training skill to an elephant.
  • Mind Over Body: 35% reduced hunger effects (same amount of food required, however).


  • Accumulated Knowledge: Greeks have a +2 bonus to the Knowledge mental stat. Additionally, if one Greek teaches another a skill, they both gain +1 in that skill (may only happen once per day).
  • Technological Mind: 15% bonus to siege equipment damage.
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