Required Technology

The required technology will be a stress on most computers of today, but by the time the game is completed in three years it should be able to be handled by most computers. The goal is to be only slightly less compatible than WoW. The graphics will be similar to Age of Conan (Age of Conan: Hyborean Adventures), but there will be several things which will require more network and processor ability than are available on most computers of today.

First, NPCs that die do not respawn. When players (or NPCs) take over a new area, they can blow on the great horn of their race to summon reinforcements. The reinforcements ride, in real time, from the nearest base to the place the horn was blown. With this happening all over the world, it is easy to see that it will quickly become a strain on the processing and network abilities.

Secondly, the AI will be more advanced than what is available today, and it will be everywhere. One of the key visions for HND, is the Epic Scale Battles, such as an army of 150 Persians marching on an army of Greeks with similar numbers. The forces would be a combination of NPCs and players, fighting side by side. Much of the time, it should be difficult for a player to tell if their opponent is human or NPC, until their opponent lies vanquished and their helmet is gone from their head.

Lastly, footprints and terrain memory would be very strenuous on today’s servers. In the near future however, these features will be completely plausible and will make for a much more excellent game experience.

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