Resources and Resource Bounties

Resource Collection

The five required resources for a city are Stone, Wood, Ore, Food and Skin. Different races need different amounts of each to build and repair their cities. For example, the Zulus need very little stone and ore, but lots of skin and wood. NPCs resource collectors will post on the bulletin board the needs set out by the city’s ruler. Whoever is the ruler of the city, PC or NPC, sets the priority of what will be built next. Some things can be raided from other players or cities, such as food. Foreign weapons and armor can also be melted down to add to the needed ore count.

  • Stone is used to construct walls and some major buildings.
  • Wood is used for most buildings.
  • Ore is used for a few buildings, such as a blacksmith.
  • Food is used to support the population and allow for more troops to live in a city.
  • Skin is used by some races to build dwellings or create leather armor and garments.

Cities can quickly build buildings with wood, but stone can't be torched. Overall, the two most important resources for city construction are wood and stone.

Players can harvest a small amount of resources by themselves, because they can't carry very much on their own. They must bring sleighs, horses, carts, or other vehicles to carry more. Groups of players can be more effective in resource gathering this way, and raiders can prey on them. When resources are brought to the city, they are kept in storehouses which can also be raided. For this reason, it's important to sell resources quickly or give them over to the city for the bounty, because they are so cumbersome to haul around.

Resource Bounties

The ruler of the city sets the bounty for various resources. For example, he could set the bounty on wood to 10 gold per tree if it was a pressing need, or 7 gold if there wasn’t much of a rush. The gold is paid out by the collection NPCs to players in the form of a bounty. The gold comes from the cities coffers, which are fueled by taxes and fines. NPCs then carry out the grunt work of building and repairing things over time, based on priority levels set by the ruler.

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