When one race is defeated and their final city is captured, they become "subjugated" by the race that conquered them. The two races become locked in a "subjugation" status. The subjugated race is bound in the wilderness of their homeland (not in the cities). They count as not being citizens for purposes of faction loss. This status lasts until they conquer one of their own cities. Whichever of their cities they re-capture becomes their new capital. Before this, they can conquer as many foreign cities as they would like, but must always respawn in the wilderness of their homelands until they have a capital. They become nomads, seeking vengeance and a return to one of their home cities.
The conquerors are free to raise the tax rate for the conquered race as much as the like in the controlled cities. Whatever else happens in subjugation, the main shrine in each capital city can never be destroyed, so the capital city can never be totally removed. Races that are in subjugation can still have great heroes born and can still form alliances, but must setup a makeshift forge before they can get new troops.
Other effects of being subjugated:

  • higher taxes
  • loss of money in local banks that are taken over and robbed
  • frequent loss of many buildings within the main cities (depending on the conquerers)
  • difficulty creating new soldiers
  • difficulty crafting and researching
  • difficulty farming, finding, and stockpiling food and other resources
  • much harder to be camped, because they can spawn across their entire country
  • subjugated players count as "Subjugated Outcasts" worth -2 faction
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