System Menus

The Inventory

The inventory system will be accessible by right clicking. A player’s inventory will be a large, opaque box. Items can be dragged anywhere into this box, stacked, and arranged as the player wishes. Each item has a weight, and so each item placed in the player’s inventory will add to their weight and reduce their ability to move around and be easily mobile. However, players do not have inventory spaces. When they wish to take loot from a fallen opponent, they essentially open up the opponent’s inventory and can drag over, piece by piece, whatever was in it. The primary way of moving items around is by dragging them. The player’s bank is another big box that things can be dragged into. Players can have bags, but they are just to help sort items, they do not reduce weight or allow for more storage. Players can carry as much as they wish, as long as they can still walk under the weight of it.

When a player right clicks, they will be shown the menu of things to be done. The buttons on this menu include Player Skills, Player Stats, Player Abilities, Political Map, Video Options, Sound Options, Notes, Petition a GM, and Quit.
Player skills will give the player a summary of their skills that they can scroll through. It will show all the skills they have broken down by category. It will show their hard cap for each category, what level each skill is it, and what their overall hard cap is (and what capacity of this they are at). It will also contain skill descriptions.
Player Stats will show the player what level all their stats are at, to a decimal place. It will describe in depth the function of each stat. These stats will not always be accurate, because the effects of cursed and blessed items are not shown.
Player Abilities will list the player’s ability that could be dragged to a hotbar and assigned to a hotkey. It will provide a description of each. The icon for each ability can be dragged to the hotbar.
The Political Map will give an up-to-the-minute report on the status of the world. It will show the borders for each nation, areas that are under attack, and the cities of the world and who they are controlled by. Players can take notes on this map. A city is considered such when it contains at least 10 NPCs.
Video Options will allow the player to toggle video effects, including the graphics, resolution, and many options that can be turned up or down to allow for better or worse computers. The most notable of these is footprints and world terrain impact, which can be turned down or off to improve performance.
Sound Options will involve sound adjustments, including music volume and sound effect volume. However, the sound of footfalls in relation to other sound effects cannot be turned up, as this would affect the tactics of the game.
Notes will allow players to take notes and save them under any name they wish. These notes will be accessible outside the game world, as they will be saved to basic .txt documents.
Petition a GM will allow the players to send a report of a game issue to a Game Master. The Game Master, who is a customer service representative, can address the issue in the order it was received.
Quit allows the player to immediately exit the game. It does not take the player to the character select screen, since they can only have one character per server.

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