Terrain Memory

The terrain has memory. Whether it is footprints from someone running by, or a deep scar in the earth from a boulder thrown by the trebuchet, the earth is affected. For slower computers, this option can be disabled. Some terrain effects fade over time, such as footprints. Sometimes large battles will trigger a change in the terrain. For example, if 300 players and 200 NPCs fought on a hill, and there were 400 deaths, the hill could become twisted and the ground permanently soaked with blood. In many cases, the name of that area will change to commemorate the epic battle that was fought there.
Harvesting will also affect the terrain. When players harvest trees, they are actually cut down and hauled away. New trees appear every four game days as saplings. They spawn over a large area, not in predetermined spots. Existing trees in the game grow and have increased wood volume for each game day. Other resources, such as animals, will respawn at the same four day rate. Animals will all wander; they have no set location (though they will find homes). Harvesting from a huge rock will chip away at that rock. Eventually it will be totally gone if players keep harvesting it. New rocks spawn every eight game days in locations that are not within one mile of a player.

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