Vocal Abilities

Rallying Cry- Nearby allies have five seconds to trigger their own rallying cry. Each rallying cry heals 1% damage and gives +10 morale to those who hear it. (10 minute cooldown, when someone triggers it, everyone within hearing radius has 5 seconds to trigger their own. Regardless, everyone in hearing radius gets the bonuses and their cry goes on cooldown).
Chorus of Old - Sing a song of regeneration, morale, and defense skills. Each racial player nearby who joins in gains exponential bonuses. Anyone participating in the chorus has a 50% refill speed penalty on their balance meter.
Subversive Voice- Those trained in the power of the voice can speak words with just the right inflection and timing. These words are more effective than normal words, but are considered akin to an assault by those unaffected. Examples are "Drop your weapon! Step back! Stop!" And similar quick imperatives.
Project Fearful Shout-Those trained in the power of the voice can project their voice in a fearful shout, duplicating the effect of a cry for help coming from a nearby person.
Horn of Desperation- The player summons their last reserves of strength to blow an unnaturally loud blast on their horn. Has no effect, other than to alert those within a few miles that someone is in dire need.

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