"The way of Grandfather Mantis has never failed us. To the hunt!"

The Zulu are wild people, living off the land, hunting, moving from place to place. They rarely settle in one place, because the prey is never settled. They are adept at hunting, tracking, and trapping. They seek to hunt their enemies, and maintain the way of Grandfather Mantis.


  • Spear and Shield bonuses: Zulus have bonus damage with a spear. They are the only race that can sprint with a weapon out, their spear. However, the spear must be readied for a throw in order for them to sprint.
  • Great Hunter: Zulu footfalls make 20% of the normal noise. Their footprints fade 60% faster. If they reduce their speed to walking, they make no noise and leave no footprints. The sound of other race's footfalls is 60% louder to Zulu. Footprints are 20% clearer to them.
  • Defense of the Wild: 50% increased Trapsetting speed. 10% increased Trapsetting effects.

Other Information

Capital City: Highveld
Racial Miracle: "The Glory of the Hunt":

  • Any non-farm animal within 2500 feet is summoned to the shrine and given 'The Hunt' buff, which temporarily allies them with the Zulu. All allied units are healed to full if they land a killing blow.

For the Zulu, the hunt is not about killing, it is about survival and testing oneself. Any beast not needed for food is welcome in the hunt. All nearby wildlife come and attack Zulu enemies. Any Zulu or animal that kills an enemy is healed to full.

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